Have you heard about Bitcoin?

Spend the people's money at these shops on the island

Bo a yega di tende di Bitcoin?

Usa e plaka di pueblo na e luganan aki na Korsow.


Shops/ Tienda


with Visa or Mastercard

Kumpra ku online banking

All you need is Blue Wallet / Tur loke bo mester ta Blue Wallet

Blue wallet is an open source app created by the Bitcoin community. Use this wallet to deposit your bitcoins. Fast and easy to create an account without any identification needed.

Blue Wallet ta un opensource app y a wordu traha dor di e komunidad di Bitcoin. Uza e kartera digital aki pa deposita bo Bitcoin. Ta rapido y fasil pa krea un kuenta sin ningun tipo di indentificashon.

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Donate to local charity using Bitcoin / Duna di obranan di calidad lokal uza Bitcoin

The family of Malulu Tatau store is organizing food packages for hungry families. You can message them directly on Instagram.

Di kas di Malulu Tatau tienda ta e organisacion di paquetes di kuminda pa famianan ambiente. Bo por mensahe directamente na Instagram.


Donate Bitcoin here / Duna Bitcoin aki: bc1qla2vcqa5fz59j8a7g0cgpqf077p8yukyfk4heg

food donation qr code

food donations

Are you a business who wants to accept Bitcoin? / Bo ta un empresa ku kier haya Bitcoin?

We recommend Mycelium wallet for businesses that want to accept Bitcoin. We have prepared an training video for how to accept Bitcoin in Curacao.

Rekomendá Mycelium di cartera pa empeñonan ku kier haya Bitcoin. Nos a prepará un video di kapasitashon riba ta haya Bitcoin den Curacao.

Financial Education / E Education Finansiero

Take a minute to learn about money.

Tuma un minuut pa siña di tokante plaka.

Unlimited Guilders

Guilders are not tied to gold. When the government prints more guilders then the guilders in your pocket can buy less products. The Guilder loses value every few years.

Limited Bitcoin

The rules of Bitcoin cannot be changed by anyone. There will never be more than 21 million bitcoins. The bitcoins in your wallet gain value every few years.

Private property

Bitcoin is your private property. The government cannot take it from you. You do not need anyone's permission or any documentation to use Bitcoin.

Florin Inlimita

Florin no ta mara na oro. Ora gobiernu imprimi mas florin, e ora ei e florin den bo saku por kumpra menos produkto. E Florin ta perde di balor kada un par di aña

Bitcoin Limita

E regla di Bitcoin no por wòrdu kambiá pa ningun hende. Nunka no lo tin mas ku 21 miyon bitcoin. E bitcoin nan den bo kartera ta subi ku balor kada un par di aña.

Propiedat Priva

Bitcoin ta bo propiedat priva. Gobiernu no por kite for di bo. Bo no tin mester di pèrmit pa ningun hende òf kualke dokumentashon pa por husa bitcoin.

Questions? / Pregunta?

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Yes. The Central Bank of Curacao and St. Maarten has confirmed that Bitcoin is a legal alternative to legal tender. See their announcement here.
"A virtual currency is digital money, not issued, guaranteed or regulated by a central bank, a credit institution or electronic money institution, and that can be used as an alternative to legal tender. Virtual currencies have developed into means of payment accepted ‘offline’ or in ‘real life’. It is now increasingly possible to use virtual currencies as a means to pay for goods and services with retailers, restaurants and entertainment venues."
Si. Banko Sentral di Korsou i Sint Maarten a konfirma ku Bitcoin ta un alternativa legal ku por wordu huza komo pago. Lesa nan anunsio aki.
"Un moneda virtual ta sèn digital no regulá pa un banko sentral, un instituto di krédito òf un instituto pa monedanan elektróniko, ku por fungi komo alternativa pa sèn. Monedanan virtual a desaroyá nan mes komo un medio di pago mas i mas aseptá tantu ‘on-line’ komo den mundu real. Awor ta mas i mas posibel pa den pakusnan, restorant i establesimentunan di dibershon paga ku monedanan virtual pa merkansia i servisio."